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JPVisual Photography makes its mission to exceed client expectations by creating powerful, winning images.

I begin by creating a professional atmosphere that brings out the best of the client. Then I listen to my client’s needs and use my creative abilities to enhance their vision.

I strive to advance the quality of my photography to constantly bring renewed success to my clients.

Where am I from?

You’ll be able to tell by my accent that I did not grow up in the United States! My family started in France and Belgium, but I grew up in various areas of the Middle East and Europe before returning to France.

I came to New York in the 1980’s and despite the fact that I did not know English, I knew I wanted to stay. I eventually found my way to Los Angeles, but I still love to travel and explore the beauty of our world that is embellished by the wonderful spirit of the people I meet.

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I have always been captivated by the people and scenes around me, so I love capturing those moments.

My nature helps me meet and connect with others. Most people are not comfortable in front of a camera, so I find happiness in putting them at ease and bringing out their joy and personalities.


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